Cheap Reseller Web Hosting – Choosing it Or Not?

Cheap Reseller Web Hosting – Choosing it Or Not?

If you’re building a new website or looking for a new web host for a website you have already built, you have probably been researching for an inexpensive, reliable hosting package. Most likely, you have done a few internet searches and visited one or two of the hosting provider comparison websites. But, have you considered selecting a cheap reseller web hosting package?

Some people are apprehensive of using reseller web hosts. This is often because many resellers often cover up the fact that they are resellers (due to some people’s reluctance to use resellers). Also, it could be because some people are not comfortable with purchasing web hosting from an individual person who is simply selling his extra disk space and bandwidth.

There is actually no legitimate reason to be doubtful and suspicious of reseller web hosts. Reseller web hosting involves purchasing disk space or servers and then separating that into smaller sections (or accounts) to sell as hosting packages. This is what even the large hosting companies do, isn’t it? Big companies with thousands of servers are doing the exact same thing as smaller reseller web hosts that may have only one server or a certain amount of disk space to sell. So, maybe it isn’t justified to feel leery of the small reseller just because his business is small.

Choosing cheap reseller web hosting for your website could, in fact, be a wiser move. Some of the larger website hosting companies are too big to provide good personal able customer service. It may be a chore to get support from these companies if it is needed. This can affect the successful functionality of your website if, for instance, you are unable to resolve an issue with your shopping cart and customers are unable to make their purchases.

On the flip side, resellers typically have fewer clients than the web hosting company whose services they resell, which usually results in the ability to provide a superior level of customer service to clients. This often personalized level of support may not be evident until you need it, but you will certainly appreciate it when it becomes necessary.

Another benefit of choosing reseller web hosting is the cost savings it can provide. While many larger web hosts do offer specials from time to time, resellers can almost always beat their prices. And, the lower prices charged by resellers are their regular, everyday prices–not discounts that will only last for a limited time like the first three or six months of service. Additionally, because resellers receive larger discounts from the hosting company whose services they resell, they can often provide clients with more services than their hosting company could provide…all for a lower price!

When choosing a reseller web hosting package, it is best to do some research. Look at customer reviews of the reseller and don’t be afraid to ask questions. This will allow you to pick the best reseller host for you.

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