Cheap Web Hosting: Cheap Gets You Free Stuff?

Cheap Web Hosting: Cheap Gets You Free Stuff?

So you’re looking for Web Hosting, here are the things you’ll want to look for and the things you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

The problem with Web Hosting is that if you find a company that for example offers great uptime and customer support, in most cases you have to compromise the price you are willing to pay. One of the things you have to look for is balance. One of the best deals you can find is when you have a combination of all of the benefits. Here’s a list of benefits you should look for:

-Speed: It’s very important to know your server connection to the internet. If your website will have a nice flow of traffic, you need something around 15-45 GB of bandwidth. This way your visitors are navigating comfortably without any unnecessary delays.

-Web Stats: If you’re building a website, you’ll want to see what keywords are they using to find you, what other websites are linking at you, how often do they come back, and the daily visitors you are getting so you can see the progress of your site.

-Price: Today business web hosting is a very competitive market, so they are becoming cheaper everyday, so keep in mind this as there are some great option with great added benefits even at low prices.

-24/7 Support: At first you may not realize the importance of having someone there for you even if you’re having a midnight crisis to setup a new page, but this is a critical feature you may want to have just in case anything happens.

Why won’t every company offer Uptime Guaranteed? Why don’t they provide 30 day money back guarantee? And why isn’t it cheap? These things cost money. Most hosting companies are too new and don’t have enough customers to afford these things. This is why it’s recommended to go with business web hosting that is already established and has a large clientele.

However, there are a few companies that are able to offer all of these things for their customers. It’s possible because they have been around for some time and have earned a large customer base that allows them to offer all these things for you.

When you’ve found great a web hosting service you know it immediately. You have great customer support, your domains are easy to setup, you are satisfied with the price you’re paying. And you even know you can add more domains later without extra charge.

After taking a ride through many web hosting companies, we found that some of the best are actually very cheap and offer many services which some of the more expensive companies don’t offer, so be sure to look for something that is cost effective since the competition is bringing down the costs and improving quality.

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