How to Become a Domain & Web Hosting Reseller?

How to Become a Domain & Web Hosting Reseller?

Due to large number of demand of personal web pages, domains and more SEO companies the business of domain reselling came into existence. To ensure the best quality service to their clients the web design companies decided to provide some extra services instead of just web developing and designing. So they approached ICANN to for a partnership. Now these companies can provide solutions for hosting their client’s website and this helped a lot to their clients. After Domain reselling became very good popular and good source of income.

Domain reselling is defined as when a person purchases a group of domains and then resells them to the customers. They provide you with the simple interface to register and transfer the number of domains. In addition to that they can also provide you the hosting packages via that simple user interface which is very easy to handle.

First step in this process

First of all you need to know what ICANN is. It stands for International Corporation for Assigned names and Numbers. It’s a non-profit organization responsible for managing the assignment of domain names and IP addresses. Its functional area includes space allocation, protocol identifier assignment, top-level domain name system management, and root server system management.

Now ICANN is a worldwide corporation for accredited domain name registrars. First of all you have to collaborate with ICANN to get the authentication for selling of domains to the clients. Now you can begin to sell the domains to the clients if you have registered yourself at ICANN.

Business of domain and web hosting reseller

The business of domain and web hosting reseller is much competitive and profitable as resellers buy domains in bulk from the registrars. Now they can send the domains to the client at very cheap web hosting prices. Reseller program is concerned for profits due to bulk transactions.

Reseller plans are more flexible in nature as compared to registrars. We can say resellers as cheap resellers because they have plenty of domains with them.

Now what if you want to be a cheap reseller or you want to provide Reseller hosting/web hosting services then you can do it by purchasing a reseller account from the master reseller. The business is very easy and profitable. It’s just like the Retailing of the products. Retailers buy stock from the distributors and sell them at competitive and profitable prices.

Start Reselling at No Cost

You can start this business from now as they have No setup fee, no monthly fee and they have minimum commitments too. All you have to do is purchase the domains in bulk at very nominal cost of USD 100. They ensures money back guarantee without any questions. Moreover all the deposits are fully refundable and can be utilized completely.

This is the best available service for entering into this business. This plan yields more profits because this is very cheap domain reseller. So what are you waiting for? Go and start reselling the domains and earn the profits as much as u wants.

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