Limitations of Free Web Hosting

Limitations of Free Web Hosting

With the web hosting scenario currently prevailing, one can say that, free web hosting is among the most misunderstood concepts on the web of today. Tremendous popularity of free web hosting plans is due to emergence of new web site into the idea without really measuring the future results. Several people cannot see the dim side of the free web hosting plan but a new webmaster definitely can groom him/her after penetrating through such conditions.

What happens when Coke promote Pepsi on their website!!!? Some people may find the above question comical, but in fact it is a root problem related to free web hosting plans. Clients are compelled to advertise different things which are not related to them, this is the way several companies make it an affordable `deal’. It can be through anyway, it can be through pop-ups, pop-under, headline ads, implanted ad sense etc. The user should host advertisement on his/her website in any of the case because it is the source of revenue for the concern hosting company providing free hosting services, whether the user like it or not, it doesn’t matter. Such situations are not only irritating but also capable of destroying the look of user’s page; several times the denotation of the ad and its entrance and exit is not in the user’s hand, they are simply induced into one’s site and the user can do nothing but to suffer it.

Traffic chaos

The last line in web hosting is no doubt, bandwidth (data transfer) costs money and if the user develop a strategy for free service it is quite certain that the bandwidth enjoyed by the user will be limited. Several times when the user attempt to access a web site which is located on a free server is shown with the message given next: “The user had crossed the supplied bandwidth limit, please seek next month”. There is nothing to amaze if a webmaster gets frustrate onto it. For an instance, a user build an attractive page, promoted it in the market, grabbed a plenty of audience, and then losing that audience quite easily because his/her page does not permitting further hits for the month.

SEO woes

In the beginning, it can cause a lump of irritation to the user but later provides the lesson about how search engines operates and the way search engines handle name resolution. In approximately complete cases free hosting plans restrict the user in pointing a domain name ( to an actual page. Rather, the user is compelled to adopt a substitute (concept) termed as URL redirection. The function of URL is to permit a webmaster to identify a site that the URL is supposed to point to. Thus if a user types in and one has configured it to redirect to www.freehost/users/mysite.html it will end up on that page. Such sorts of things are not a big issue until and unless the user start attempting to reach to the condition where his/her website get indexed in the search engines. Then the user put forward his/her site ( in the front of few directories and then inquire from them about some of the good link partners but then a shake of surprises arises, when the user come to know that he/she has not been included in the lists of SE’s. Inspite of the fact that the user has 100 solid back links pointing towards, still every one knows what is going on. The root cause is that possesses no matter in it, but merely redirects the user to actual page at any of the reputed site. It is a fact that SE’s never index a page containing zero data in it, rather consider it as an effort to hoodwink their algorithm, which results in proscription of the user’s domain name. Then the only option left will be is to forget the domain name and take a U-turn towards free hosting address, which is not a preferable work in real sense.

The spirit of free web hosting is not bad enough as shown above. As there are several positives aspects on which one can rely upon. Like for e.g. there are some free hosting providers which do not compel the user for advertising, using limited bandwidth and also allow pointed domains. Only daunting task is to search them out. Thus, an ideal hosting without hurdles can be enjoyed by loosening slightly the pocket. The user can enjoy an outstanding hosting by paying .95 per month, it asks for little money but the efforts will be WORTH it.

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