HD How To Manually Install WordPress Via a cPanel Web Host

www.digitalmeld.com Digital Meld shows you how you can easily install WordPress manually via a web host using cPanel. In just under seven minutes you can have a fully functioning blog thanks to the power of WordPress and cPanel. If you liked this video please SUBSCRIBE and visit our website. Also, if you would like us to cover other products please let us know via the comments and the contact form on our website. THANKS! Video captured using Camtasia Studio 6.0 at 1280×800 resolution.

Hey Everyone, A LOT of people have either made comments or sent me PMs about the confuzling-ness of 000webhost’s CPanel. Well here is the answer to all your prayers! A tutorial about how to do the things in 000webhost.com that were highlighted in my how to make a free website video on 8tt.org. Hope this helps all you web-designer people out there! Enjoy! Quesomanrulz Website- quesomanrulz.com
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