How To Monetize Web Hosting Domain Name Registration Services http Hey Guys! This is Eddys Velasquez and I have been receiving many questions about… “How To Monetize Web Hosting and Domain Registration” Many people have websites, blogs, replicated sites the important point to understand is that “web hosting” and “domain registration” is absolutely necessary to be able to rank in the search engines if you want to receive major traffic for free. Now there are various companies that sell you domain names and there is one of them that is very good at upselling and basically (taking money away from you) for extra things that you don’t even need… Now what is my point…my point is …lets use the example of Go Daddy which is a very inexpensive domain registration site which allows you to buy a domain name for per year depending on what services you pick. In order to have that domain name ranked in the search engines it has to be hosted on a server and lets use the example of host gator..for internet marketers who need all the services of hostgator they will pay around per month..which isn’t bad… …BUT… I found a way to monetize the web hosting and domain registration services…there is a site called Global Domains International that offers you a domain name AND a hosting service all in one for ONLY a month and you get to try it out for 7 days for FREE!..Now most people end up liking it so they keep it after the trial and it is very much worth it.. “how to monetize web hosting domain name